Walking Drawing Thinking

2/14/12 St. Louis, MO

With her newest work, Walking Drawing Thinking, Dr. Olive B. Luewing creates a series of large drawings (none smaller than a mile+ in length), that effortlessly merge natural and technological paradigms. Using the green space of various St. Louis County Parks as substrate, Luewing records the route of her morning walk with a GPS mapping application. The GPS coordinates then dictate a virtual drawing of archetypal symbols she employs.

Above, 3.5 mi. Google Earth View, Walking Drawing Thinking at Cahokia Mounds.  

“My drawings are inspired by the Serpent Mound of Ohio, the Cave Paintings of Lascaux, and Smithson’s Spiral Jetty. These drawings are temporal, and intensely private,  just my dog and I …  yet anyone in the world can trace my path by logging on to the web.” – OBL

With an atheistic nod to meta-narrative, followers of Luewing’s art can go online and view a  3D Google ‘fly-over” of each drawing as soon as it is completed. Ironically, as soon as one can view the most recent Walking Drawing Thinking, Luewing’s marks in real time begin to fade.  With chimerical wit, Nicky her cockapoo, and a smart phone, Dr. Olive B. Luewing once again challenges us to consider our “global footprints” and the direction those footsteps are taking.  The actions and images that comprise Walking Drawing Thinking encourage each of us to do just that.  – CPH

3/12/12 St. Louis, MO

In Dr. Olive B. Luewing’s most recent work in the series Walking Drawing Thinking, she  literally and figuratively, takes her drawing a “step further”. After completing a 2.02 mi. walk along the Meremac River in Fenton, MO, Dr. Luewing  references topographical and satellite images from the “ap” website mapmyrun.com and Google Earth to create time-intensive drawings such as the one below.

Keeping track of the distance covered while Walking and the time spent Drawing, Luewing juxtaposes these facts in the title, 2.08 mi / 1,799 minutes (above, 14″x 30″ colored pencil on paper) suggesting that whatever we do in this world – we leave our mark – and should therefore do so with a responsible level of  Thinking.


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