Permission Granted

Permission Granted

Each time I told someone else about my decision to create Olive, they were enthralled, asking questions about my newfound productivity, how it felt to “have the permission” I sought, and “how did I come up with the name?”. (Olive B. Luewing comes from inverting “Bluewing Olive”, an ubiquitous trout fly tying pattern, and adding a Dr.’s degree). It was evident by these enthusiastic conversations that I was in the position to empower others to grant themselves more creative permission. In a series of workshops that followed,  Olive and I set the example and proudly watched on as numerous new alternative personalities were created. Here are a few examples of “Permissioned Self” characters created by workshop participants.

                            M.J. Vendor, licensed marijuana grower and distributor.

                            Mel, a male to female transsexual w/ hetero male avatar.

                              Truong, child soldier, M.I.A.

                            Luna, mythological moon goddess (in full moon phase).


                                       Dr. Olive B. Luewing with Rebel Ruben Rage