New Species/Research

Homo Plasticus; Martial Male This prize specimen of Homo Plasticus; Martial Male was fortuitously discovered by Dr. Olive B. Luewing while on  intensive field research for her next scientistic publication, Ubiquitous Plastic Objects in the Southern Missouri Landscape.

“He was just there,” stated OBL, “the perfect plastic man, an outstanding specimen, waiting for me to find him”

Square Root of St. Genevieve

Mathematicians have long been curious as to whether or not the quantitative concept of square root could be applied to a qualitative concern, such as sustainability and urban landscape design

In this field photograph, taken by Dr. Olive B. Luewing in historic St. Genevieve, MO, the theoretical formula is proven –

Missouri Meerkat: Dominant Female

(OBL verified sighting) Though rumored to have become extinct in the U.S.A., a full grown female meerkat (60″, 132 lbs) was recently sighted by the reknowned scientist, Dr. Olive B. Luewing in the suburbs of  St. Louis, Missouri. Utilizing motion-sensor cameras strategically positioned in the suburban wild, Dr. Luewing was able to provide indisputable photographic evidence that this friendly, feral creature is alive and well. Seen here at the entrance to a discreet burrow, it is hypothesized that this dominant female may be guarding pups and/or pack-mates sleeping deeper in the subterranean haven.

Striped Rio-Asian-American Bluewing 

(OBL verified new species)  There has been only one official recorded sighting of the Striped Rio-Asian-American Bluewing to date. Seen in resplendent spring plumage of striated black/white, with Rio/Blue Plastic Wingspan, this young female appeared healthy, curious, and in safe environs (2001 Toyota Highlander Wagon).

St. Genevieve Lawn Deer 

Though this scientist allows that the species St. Genevieve Lawn Deer is not new to the Missouri region,  there has never been a verified scientific documentation of this unique creature. This author postulates that other scientists and laypersons in the lower Missouri region who have encountered the St. Genevieve Lawn Deer in the past have mistaken them as live deer and/or potential dinner.


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