Martini with Olive

Martini with Olive is an ongoing research project determined to prove to a skeptical audience that Dr. Olive B. Luewing’s existence is not merely “virtual” as critics argue, but that indeed, OBL is very “actual”.

MOMA* curator and contemporary art critic,  Dr. Jeffrey Hughes states,

“… Indubitably, Martini with Olive is 100% Proof Performance Art! “.

 * Museum of Martini Art,  Proprietors: J. Hughes and T. Reilly, St. Louis, MO by invitation only.

Martini With Olive, Salida, CO

8/17/12 At last week’s performance of “Permission Granted: On Becoming Olive”, presenter Carol Hodson blamed my lateness to the event as proof of my “virtual reclusivity”. (In fact, I was fishing). In an effort to placate those audience members who had attended  to hear me speak about my research, Professor Hodson raffled off chances for an audience member to meet me for a complimentary “Martini with Olive” at a mutually convenient time and place.

The winner, Merna Kress*, pictured below with me at Fritz’s, Salida, CO can confirm that I am “actual” and “on time” when the motivation is there. The bartender at Fritz’s will confirm that “Yes, they both like it dirty…” and I , Dr. Olive B. Luewing, hereby  guarantee that there is and should only ever be… one olive.

Carol Hodson was not invited. – OBL


*Martini winner, Merna Kress is not wearing an OBL wig and/or glasses but in fact is a real gray beauty and the initial inspiration for the Gray Beauty 40+ photo series (see blog menu above).

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