Intymology is the practice of Interpretive Entymology. Established by Dr, Olive B. Luewing in 2011, Intymology is based on the scientistic process of collecting, illustrating, and generally being fascinated by insects. Though Entymology (insects) does not include the tradition disciplines of Herpetology (reptiles), Ichthyology (fish), Ornithology (birds), and Osteology (bones), the newly coined term Intymology, allows for poetic blurring of strict scientific boundaries.

Arthur D.P. Webster, Etymologist (words)

Ancestors of Summer (Joss Insects) 

Note: Traditional joss paper is used in buddhist funeral celebrations where stacks of this gold stamped paper, which symbolize wealth, are burned in order to provide the deceased with money for the afterlife. The series Joss Insects (Ancestors of Summer) is a meditation on the 2011 brood of the 13 year cicada, and the deaths of two friends the same summer.  At the completion of the 92* drawings that will comprise the complete series,  the collection of drawings will be burned ceremoniously. – OBL

*(the number of days of summer)


mixed media on 5″ x 6″ silver and gold joss paper.  84/92 drawings completed as of 4/14/2012 , ceremony date TBA














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