is the practice of Anthropology as applied to the art of Fly Fishing. Established by Dr, Olive B. Luewing in 2011, Flythropology is based on the scientistic process of collecting, illustrating, and generally being fascinated by all things related to Ichthyology (fish), Fly Fishing, and Fly Tying.  Flythropology experts document specific historical samples of hand-tied flies,  individual fish “that got away”, and apply “catch and release” as a paradigmatic socio-sexual-psychological metaphor for the global village. – Arthur D.P. Webster, Etymologist (words)

left, a drawing from the series Kinsella’s Wallet,front cover, 8″x 12″, color pencil on Strathmore, 2011

Note: Stephen Kinsella owned a fine-art paper company in St. Louis from 19xx-2011. When the business closed and the warehouse was emptied, company manager Sue Eisler discovered an old fly wallet (circa. 1960’s) that has belonged to Kinsella. Eisler in turn, gave the wallet to artist Carol Hodson, who presented it along with several sheets of drawing paper that had been purchased from Kinsella’s Paper over the years, to Dr. Olive B. Luewing .

below, 6 drawings from the series Kinsella’s Wallet, 11×14, mixed media / assorted paper


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