Permission Granted

Permission Granted

Each time I told someone else about my decision to create Olive, they were enthralled, asking questions about my newfound productivity, how it felt to “have the permission” I sought, and “how did I come up with the name?”. (Olive B. Luewing comes from inverting “Bluewing Olive”, an ubiquitous trout fly tying pattern, and adding a Dr.’s degree). It was evident by these enthusiastic conversations that I was in the position to empower others to grant themselves more creative permission. In a series of workshops that followed,  Olive and I set the example and proudly watched on as numerous new alternative personalities were created. Here are a few examples of “Permissioned Self” characters created by workshop participants.

M.J. Vendor, professional, licensed marijuana grower and distributor.

Mel, a male to female transsexual with a heterosexual male avatar.

Truong, child soldier.

Luna, mythological moon goddess (in full moon phase).


Dr. Olive B. Luewing with Rebel Ruben Rage




Dr. Olive B. Luewing is an artist, scientist, activist, and angler. Founder of S.A.A.N.D.D. (Scientists and Artists Against Nature Deficit Disorder*), Dr. Luewing uses her virtual personality to encourage people in the actual world to slow down, appreciate the world around us, and to live artfully. 

Dr. Luewing is also a forerunner in the trend of publishing book covers (sans central text) in limited edition. As ironic gesture, Luewing’s covers acknowledge today’s reality of tangible books as collectable design objects and not as central source of information. Her recent edition of the cover, “P.S. Your Fly is Down: Memoirs of Catch and Release” has just entered it’s second printing.

Most popularly known from her Facebook following, Dr. Luewing publishes her OBL verified findings and field notes regularly. Her photographic albums, “Winged Things”, “First Sightings”, “What Georgie Did” document unique natural occurrences that elude other scientific studies. Luewing’s sensitive observational drawing series such as “Kinsella’s Wallet” and “Joss Insects (Ancestors of Summer)” interpret the life cycle through poetic line, color, and sophisticated rendering.

left,  p.11/12  from “Kinsella’s Wallet”, 2011
above, #78 from “Ancestors of Summer”, 2012

Recently, an audience of 400+ educators at the renowned Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis, MO were treated to a rare interview with Dr. Luewing, via remote video, by Webster University professor of art, Carol Hodson.   Referencing conceptual artist Marcel Duchamp, author Mark Twain, performance artist Andy Kaufman, photographer Cindy Sherman, and diva Lady Gaga (among others), Hodson introduced Luewing as her “permissioned self”.  Luewing then expanded on her role as Hodson’s alternative persona and the crucial need for patience and creative freedom in education. “Learning takes time…” Luewing stated, ” and there is beauty in the details of a life lived artfully.”

The Reel Deal

10/19/2011, 7:45 AM, Licking, Missouri

Montauk Springs, fishing alone/with CPH, I caught a 16″ rainbow trout on a 6x tippet, double jig with a foam terrestrial (I made myself!) and a bedspread cream fly.

I watched as the rainbow passed by the small fly disdainfully and then rose for the foam hopper, mouth open, just that frozen half inch between catch and release, between me and the fish, between CPH and I.

– Olive